Has the time come for the digital business card?

Monday, September 14, 2009 AUSTIN STATESMAN

If you happened to be wandering around the Austin Interactive business technology conference last fall, you might have heard whispers among the gadget-loving trade show elite about some new business cards being flashed around. Flashed, as in electronically. As in uber-cool business card technology...

Austin Firm Delivers a Business Card That's Fit for the Digital Age

Monday, August 24, 2009 FORBES MAGAZINE

AUSTIN, Texas-There's a buzz among the gadget-loving trade show elite about a new technology that's ushered business cards into the digital age. The development comes from a Central Texas start-up called Text4ROI, which is one of 10 select companies that will be showcased in StartupRow at the InnoTech conference in October. The firm's CEO and co-founder Carrie Chitsey announced today that her firm's patent-pending new product - Text4vCard - is ready for prime time.

"With Text4vCard, you can send your business card to someone instantly, and they don't have to be signed up with our service or download any applications before they can receive a card," said Chitsey.

Text4vCard is an electronic SMS business card exchange service that lets people share contact info (plus any personalized text, like a Twitter user name) through cell phone text messaging. Users can then import the info to any contact database that accepts standard vCard formats, such as Outlook or Address Book.

Chitsey, an acclaimed entrepreneur, innovator and Fortune 100 sales and marketing veteran, calls the service "phone agnostic" - it isn't bound by any proprietary technology, so just about anyone can use it. All you need is a cell phone with a text messaging plan and a computer.

The service has advanced capabilities like a dashboard, which can generate reports about distribution, use and ROI. Users can see how many vCards they shared at an event and how many people actually added the information to their contact databases.

"You can also share more information than other SMS-based services. You can add customized text and instantly update or revise your information." Editing on a whim is a nifty capability if you find yourself at a speed dating mixer or Star Trek convention and someone with green horns asks for your number.

Speakers and exhibitors at four upcoming trade shows in September and October will be flashing their new techno-cool Text4vCards, and executives have already started snatching up vanity names.

To see a live demo, text TXT4 to 70626; or for a free trial, visit: www.text4vcard.com. Text4ROI is the leading provider in innovative, rapidly deployable CRM text messaging solutions.

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