Blinx is the business card for the virtual world. Customize, in real time,
your electronic information card for trade shows,
networking events or change jobs.


Ever wonder who you have handed your cards out
to when you reach the end of a box?

Track who you send cards to and download them through our easy to use dashboard and exportable reporting.

Great ROI tool.


It's your electronic business card helping you get even greener!
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Blinx for charities: because we believe in giving back to the community that helps build us. Every time someone in your organizations sends a Blinx, you get some bling bling.


Help your members:
go green, have a uniformed card for free, share information on the fly.


We help you promote it with providing your own customized home page to send your members to sign in.


Blinx's Charity package makes it easy to create revenue while you are out raising other money. We provide all the messaging
including web page, Facebook and Twitter.


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Nothing to download. Just need SMS.